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Policies 1

  • ALL pets must have valid shot records or name and number of vet so we can confirm on first visit, particularly dogs under a year!
  • ALWAYS walk your dog before bringing them in for their groom! And (even though its not always possible) try not to let your dog potty in the lobby. Keep it clean is our motto.
  •  Please refrain from bringing females that are in heat in for grooming. It causes hormones to run high with male and female animals alike so just hold off.
  • If your pet has special needs PLEASE let us know when making your appointment. We like to take extra time for senior pets, puppies, or animals with health problems, or if you have a time crunch we will work with you but we need to know ahead of time.

Policies 2

  • As pleasant as we try to make their grooming, it can still be stressful for your cat or dog. To ensure that they don't spend any more time then they necessary at the shop, we ask that all pets be picked up within an hour of your pick-up phone call. * If the pet is left longer then an hour it will be an extra $5 per half hour (or portion of) late fee.
  • If your pet is left past closing time it is an automatic $20 late charge.
  • If your pet has fleas it is an automatic $5 flea charge because we have to give the pet a flea bath to keep the shop and other pets flea free and that takes a lot of extra time.  Please inform us at intake if you suspect your pet might have some creepy crawlies!

Policies 3

  • We take every precaution while your pet is in our care, but should you feel your pet was injured while with us you MUST inform us within 2 days or we will not be held responsible. Basically, anything related to the groom will show up in that time.
  • Please be courteous and give us a call if you're going to be running late or need to cancel an appointment. Reminder calls are given the night before and we want to try to accommodate everyone as best we can.
  • For the sake of your kitty's happiness, if they're getting bathed or groomed we ask you to come in one hour before we open so we can get them started before the dogs come in.